What we Do

1.  Reviving environmental caused disasters:-
We convert environmental challenges through erosion control and reversing land degradation using the best of innovative technology and Geographic Information System (GIS). To have a clear view on some areas where we are highly committed to be in some videos below:-

Bulbula / Gayawa

In the Erosion intervention project of NEWMAP, we normally visit erosions intervention sites and takes immediate necessary actions required; see some degraded areas visited for ground thruething  (Example of  proposed Bridge construction at Kamanda Erosion Intervention sites).


2.  Afforestation of Degraded Lands:-
Kano NEWMAP converts degraded lands into an afforested area

A.  Degraded Lands clearing:

B.  Post Degraded Lands Clearing (Afforestation )

3.  Individual Orchard Farms Intervention:-
We sensitize and give seedling to all farmers in compliance to the intervention requirements of our project; See some pictures below where support in fencing all the compliant individual farmers are/were supported through 2017, 2018 and 2019.