Focal NGO and NEWMAP-Kano Visit to Tofa and Nassarawa (Yan sabo & Bulbula respectively)

On 28th June, 2018, Visit of the Focal NGO to the Kano State Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project NEWMAP (Kano-NEWMAP) affected communities of Yan-sabo in Dawakin-tofa and Bulbula-gayawa in Nassarawa local government respectively.

In the former, the project proposed to rehabilitate the medium earth dam that has presently turned to the ghost of its former self, due to severe erosion that pull down the dam embankment. Yan-sabo water conservation used to be the major source of domestic water supply, fishing, irrigation and recreation to the communities in the area and had greatly improved the means of livelihood of several communities in the area. The project intends to, in addition to the rehabilitation of the dam, provide minor irrigation facilities for the local communities around it.

While in the later, is the control of gully erosion within the densely populated area of Bulbula-gayawa, (Nassarawa LGA), where several houses, school, grave-yards, assess roads, and other infrastructure destroyed, and separated communities of Bulbula-gayawa, Tudun-Murtala and Sauna Kawaji. The project therefore, raised to save the remaining property and infrastructure in the area, and help to stem the growing menace.

The Focal NGO managed to visit these two sites (Yan-sabo water conservation structure and Bulbula-gayawa erosion control) as sample which is expected to be mirrored on the remaining seven proposed sites of the Project in Kano State.

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