NEWMAP Project Kano has believed in not only obeying rules and regulations related to project areas of commitment, but also respect the activities of other projects and people in general. 

NEWMAP Project Kano is determined to ascertain its ability in delivering Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management to Kano state in particular

The following are the Policies developed and in adherence to:

  • NEWMAP Project Kano normally Start early in the day.
  • Organizational desk officer begin to attend to our clients by 8am to 4pm every working day.
  • Will honorably receive and treat your applications / documentation on time.
  • Will only issue required support if all administrative mandates are completed.
  • We will not be liable for any documentation not properly filled or endorsed or any of signature, name and phone number omission on general documents received.
  • We don’t entertain hawkers / touts within the premises of the office boundary.

Committed to serve you better.