Installation of Hydromet Stations

Arrengements to install hydromet stations across the Hadejia Jamaare Komadugu river basins by the Kano stateNigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (Kano-NEWMAP) have reached the brink of completion. 

This was recently sourced out from the State Project Coordinator Alhaji Musa Shuaibu at the Kano NEWMAP Conference Hall when an inhouse retreat to reflect on situational reports of some of the project activities was holding.

it could be recalled that, a couple of months back, the project procured both automated and manual weather  and hydromet stations as well as river telemetry equipments that are now under installation across the Hadejia Jamaare River Basins to serve as center for research, data generation and archival  purposes. 

the commission of the equipment will take place soonest.

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