About Us

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) is a World Bank assisted project prepared based on Federal Government request to the Bank for assistance to handle the ever worsening situation of erosion, destruction of biodiversity and loss of livelihood in the affected communities.  This NEWMAP is a multi-sectorial and multi scale project that targeted seven (7) south eastern states with acute gully erosion and Five (5) states from the north and  two (2) additional from south southern states. However, with the successes recorded by NEWMAP six (6) additional states have indicated interest to join NEWMAP and to date NEWMAP is operating in 22 States of Nigeria.


  • The aim and development objective of the project is to tackle land degradation in the country that affects communities socio-economically and to reduce vulnerability to soil erosion in targeted watershed areas.


  • This project is finance through 8 years specific investment loan of US Dollar 508.59 million, consisting of a US Dollar 500 million IDA concessional loan blended with GEF and SCCF grants totaling US Dollar 8.59 million. The government contribution will amount to approximately 150 million US Dollars. However, with the coming on board of the six additional states into the project an Additional Finance was requested by NEWMAP, Federal and participating States Governments to the World Bank which led to the approval of $400 million AF in June, 2019.

COMPONENT OF THE PROJECT The Project has four components summarized below:

COMPONENT 1: Erosion and Watershed Management Infrastructure Investments

  • Sub-component 1A. Gully Rapid Action and Slope Stabilization (GRASS)
  • Sub-component 1B. Integrated watershed management
  • Sub-component 1C. Livelihoods

COMPONENT 2: Erosion and Watershed Management Institutions and Information Services

  • Subcomponent 2A. Federal MDA Effectiveness and Investment Services for States
  • Subcomponent 2B. State MDA Effectiveness and Services
  • Subcomponent 2C. Effectiveness and Services of Local Government Areas
  • Subcomponent 2D. Private and Non-Government Sector Institutions and Services

COMPONENT 3: Climate Change Response

  • Sub-component 3A: Strengthening the strategic policy and institutional framework
  • Sub-component 3B: Promoting low carbon development

COMPONENT 4: Project Management

  • Office Maintenance
  • Bank Charges
  • Reimbursable
  • Performance Allowance
  • Audit Fees
  • Insurance of fixed assets/ Vehicle insurance
  • Staff capacity building
  • Stakeholders workshop and seminars .

Office Structure of NEWMAP –Kano